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I'm Brad Southard, the owner, operator and head shop monkey at Southard Knives and Tools LLC.

As a knife and toolmaker, I strive to make the finest quality cutting and working instruments. A knife is a part of everyone's daily life, whether you're using it in the kitchen to slice up a tomato, opening a letter or using your grandfather's old slipjoint to carve a stick while sipping whisky on the back porch. It's also important to remember that a knife was one of man's first tools and is still the most useful item we interact with each and every day.

I recognize the legacy and importance it has for all of us, and through my craft I facilitate an evolution of the knife through art and engineering into a piece of functional artwork that can withstand the rigors of every day use.

My custom knife line is done one hundred percent by my hands in my shop. Currently I'm not accepting any new orders, but I hope to open my order book again soon.

My Performance series of knives are produced through the finest modern manufacturing techniques, mixed with a decent amount of my handwork. These are made one hundred percent in the United States of America.

I have a line of production knives made in collaboration with Spyderco, an amazing company based in Golden, Colorado. Very skilled workers make these knives with premium quality materials.

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